Thursday, November 7, 2013

Homeschooling part two

I ended up sending my son Tyler to public school this year.  I think a mixture of things helped me make this decision.  Nerves, our home situation, and his choice.  My husband and I only have one car at the moment.  He works a lot.  With him gone taking our only car, I am unable to bring the kids to the places I would want them to experience.  Such as zoos, museums, parks, sports, boy scouts, and other places where they would be able to learn outside our classroom, and interact with other children.  He would be stuck at home 24/7 with me, which leads me to my nerves.  I was most nervous about starting home school because I worried he would have no friends or interactions with other children (which require us to be able to leave the house!).  I love homeschooling and I have everything I need to start, but I just can't entertain the thought until my husband fixes his motorcycle, and we again have two working vehicles in the house.  For now we still have our school room, and I am teaching my 2 year old daughter every day!

For teaching my 2 year old we do a lot of playing, and when she wants to (which is EVERYDAY) we use easy peasy all in one home school (which is the curriculum I was planning to use with Tyler)  we go through and do the "getting ready 1" section of the site.  It is meant for 4 year old children, but it is a lot of videos about the alphabet, and coloring pages with letters which my daughter loves to do.  Here are a few pictures of what we like to do during our day:

Here is a color book, and her number puzzle.
We use things like this throughout our day

Here are some worksheets from our learning.  She normally will just 
scribble/color them.  But we talk about the letter and the animal/picture that
represents the letter that day.

I printed this as well it is the alphabet with pictures for each letter.
We keep this stapled together and just read through it like a book.

This is an example of her learning her shapes.  We cut out a circle, and colored
circles inside.  As you can see she scribbed (the circles are mine),
but from doing this activity she knows how to make circles now!

This is the ABC's again, I laminated it so we can look at it daily.
I ask her to point to a letter.

More worksheet examples, and how she likes to color them.

Her favorite books to read through, I got these a few years ago
in the dollar bin at Target.  They are great!
Last but not least part of our book collection.
I need to buy a bookcase lol.  But for now we have them on the ground
in the cornor of my room, so she can easily grab a book to read.

That's all for today!